Free Worldwide Delivery

Free Worldwide Delivery

- Avoid disappointment by following these quick steps

1) Go for quality, it always lasts longer
- Quality watches have stainless steel, and use the best Swiss or Japanese movements.

2) Don’t go for cheap - Avoid them.
They may look good but they fade & break easy, which is embarrassing. You get what you pay for with watches.
It’s always better to spend a little extra to buy a quality timepiece. For a watch that will last years, you should spend between £120-170/$170-230.

3) Make sure the watch has reviews - A good rule of thumb is to read at least 5 reviews on the watch before purchase.

4) Does it have a cool factor? - A watch says a lot about the wearer. Go for a watch, that you would be confident to wear.

5) Wearability - Before you buy, you should envision, where you are going to wear it and what with.

Always remember a watch isn’t just to tell the time, it tells the world what you’re about and is a reflection of you. It's no coincidence, that powerful men who take care of themselves and pride themselves on appearance, all wear watches.

This is what inspired our founder, to create a collection of watches that were designed to be a manifestation of all the above. View the collection now

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