Tested to the Extreme

the $150 watch that survived being smashed against rocks at high speed & deep sea diving.

From deep sea diving, to being smashed against 2 tonne rocks. Find out how my Crownarch Chrono-R2 came out unscathed & survived this brutal test in Sicily, Italy. 


Unforgiving crashing waves & towering rocks is what meets you down at the Alcantara Gorge. An opportunity to undertake full body rafting rises, a dangerous and thrilling challenge, the pefect battle ground for the first test. Wearing my watch through this rigourous activity, I knew sooner or later something interesting was bound to happen and it did.. 

...Wading through the waves, proved unerving and quite the challenge About 15 minutes into the activity I  completely mis-judged a step and I ungracisuly slipped My foot landed in between a space. But my left hand was slammed against a gargantuan piece of rock. I was 100% sure the glass smashed and my test was short lived. But somehow the glass survived., without a scratch. I took this after the watch glass impressively survived that smash against the rocks 

Sink or swim! Deep Sea Waterproof Testing

(Did you spot the fish) It's no secret that Sicily has some beautiful beaches with the clearest yet saltiest water. It is also no secret that unless you have a divers watch, many people don't go swimming with their watch on. Especially a rose gold one or for hours like i did. I dived in with mine and..

..Despite having a 3ATM water resistant rating i took the watch deeper to about 10 meters deep and it kept on ticking.  The saltly water wasn't probably the best idea for the watch. I thought it would likely damage the plating and it would fade.  Got out gave it a clean and it still had that smooth rose gold finish.


What better way to show the quality of our watches, than by putting them to a series of extreme challenges. Showcasing that our watches will excel in any real-life encounter. A special thanks goes out to Michael who was our test subject and took the chrono-R2 out on his trip to Sicily.

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