How did we go from humble beginnings to over 1000+ customers worldwide? Whilst the process wasn't simple, our ethos was. 

What makes us different to other brands is broken up in 3 key areas.
Design. Value. Service.  
Explained below.

Michael - Crownarch Founder 


The design of a watch is arguably the most important factor.
We knew our customers valued indivdual style so they were looking for something different, we didn't want to be another cookie cutter watch brand.

Our ethos when designing is: Make it attractive, loveable by the masses, yet it has to look like nothing on the market.

Tough. Very tough.

But we knew if we got the design right, our customers would love us. So we experimented with designs, materials and color combinations. Before we got it right. 

Our launch chronograph collection was a success, featuring a beautiful design with exciting color combinations. Today we have expanded the range and launched a womans line. Expanding  our market internationally.


We sell directly to our customers. Not because we are too cool for school. Only one word: Value.

Selling via retail means middleman markups.
Leaving only two options, lower the quality to make it cheaper, or keep the same high quality and increase the price. A lose-lose for the customer. 

It wasn't even a question, "we'll keep our high quality and sell directly to our customers", we said. That's why we can proudly say we have the same quality as watches that retail 2/3x more.


We stand by the expertise of our watchmakers and the quality of our watches. That is why we offer a 2 year international service guarantee. So be assured if anything faulty occurs with your watch in 2 years we will repair or replace for free. 


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