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Put a smile on your face & a mark on your confidence.

Most self-aware guys would agree, individuality, style and confidence are aspects a watch brings.
However, It's difficult to achieve this with a watch that looks the same as everybody else's, you just end up fitting in. 
With Crownarch we match innovative design and colors with exclusive styling that leaves a positive mark on your confidence.

Impress friends and family.
Dripping in Rose-Gold.

A proven winner. This best-seller was made to garner attention, praise and compliments.
Fully adjustable & super comfortable the undeniable Rose Gold against the pearl silver dial is a sure winner that will leave you standing out from the rest.

Not all watches are made the same.
Buying right the first time.

Time often exposes poorly made watches. Excessive scratches, faded cases, "stuck" hands are the most common issues that you discover, months after purchase.

Avoid the costly and disappointing mistake of thinking all watches are made the same. We only use top-grade materials, combined with advanced anti-corrosion plating technology, which  makes for a rugged timepiece that will last for years to come,

Going beyond the expected.
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

With our Free Worldwide shipping, ordering now will mean the watch will be in your hands in a matter of days.  
Not only that, a Crownarch watch means hand-polished cases, free extended-warranties, top-grade materials, trust-worthy Japanese movements,  30-day anytime returns and much more - all included with every order.

We've developed into a watch brand you can trust and tell your friends about.