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Free Worldwide Delivery

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 Few Words from the founder: Hi my names Michael and I'm pretty sure you do like the designs of our watches 



Watches look nice but it's not a known brand

Focus on design, quality, value for money, added customer service

It took us a while...A really long while to finalise the design of the watches. We knew we wanted to have better looking watches than everyone else. We wanted to provide the best designed watches, to the masses for the least. Dollar for Dollar you get the most with Crownarch. Timless design, industry leading quality pacakged in a sophisticated presentation box. 


 We've chosen


We've all been there, we are looking at something to buy but it isn't a well know brand and now we're stuck. We knew this may be a thought a potential Crownarch customer had. So we focused on incorprating thmay face so we focused on a few key steps to solve this.

  • Watches that are designed to give the customer a sense of pride
  • Watches that are built to last


Who is Crownarch?

Everything Crownarch has been meticulously detailed and the primary focus is customer orientated. Everything from the the type of photography we take to the locations we shoot, everything is carefully planned. We want our customers to have a sense of pride as they wear their timepiece. Our photography closely ties in with the lifestyle of our customers, whether ir be those extra seconds you look at the watch in the morning as you're getting ready for work. Maybe your also the type of person that saves their watch for the perfect occassion, which is why all  We focus on providing limitless design, value and a great sense of pride


we've invested a lot of time planning and orchastrating how we want our customers to feel and planned to give the end customer a sense of pride as they wear a Crownarch timepiece. Whether it be those extra seconds you look at it every morning as you prepare to go to work. Or maybe you're saving it for a special occasion and you want a watch that is a statement, an extension of you, Crownarch does this.  This is what the focus was from day one plan on saving it for a special occassion.

We've set to create the most appealling. Ev


Channeled through the watches. 

We dont sell watches


Why a Crownarch watch?

Everything we do is meticulously detailed and planned because our most important goal is to make our customers feel a sense of pride as they wear their timepiece. We go a step more than just creating appealing looking watches. We're so focused on creating the best imagery, unmatched value and communicating with our audience so that our customers feel a genuine connection with our brand.

Those extra seconds you take to look at the watch during the day will become a regular occurrence. You may even find yourself reading the time from it, more than your phone. And when you wear it to that special occasion, it will certainly stand out from what everyone else is wearing.

That was beautiful but what else do i get?


How long will the watch last?

Striking a perfect balance between price and quality, our watches are purposely designed for everyday wear, so they will lst a long time We've also included 1 years warranty with every Crownarch Watch. Typically watches at this pricepoint have 3-6 months warranty. We took it a step further.

We're a relatively new watch brand so that may seem a worry for some and we understand, trust us. But we don't see it as nessarily a bad thing. We're a new brand meaning we can't solely rely on our brand name to sell to customers. It means we have to provide high level of quality, We have to be innovative, we have to provide high level of quality and customer service, which is what our brand is built on. 



I live in xxxxxx do you ship there?

We pretty much ship to every country on this planet for free, as long as it has a postal system. It should be noted that for orders from countries outside of the European Union, further customs duties or other fees may be applicable. It is advised you check with your Countries customs authority. These fees are not applied by us but from your respective Governments and it your responsibility to pay.


How long will it take to receive?

After dispatch, around 3-5 working days, dispatch is usually within 1 working day.


Where is my tracking number? 

When order is dispatced you will receive a tracking number.


I want to return my watch?

Sure just send us an email to and we will be happy to help.


Do you change watch batteries?

Yes, if is is under warranty we will change it for you free of charge, just email us and fill out a form and send the watch to our address and we will change and send back to you. This will take approx 2-3 weeks. Please note that some maintenance, such as changing straps and/or battery can be performed by your local watch store for a much quicker turnaround.





So bearing this in mind we set out to create something that is undeniable and has mass appeal. Thus given our customers that confident feel in their timepieces.

Friend test: We're so confident in our watches, we encourage you to ask a friend, if they like the design.... When they reply yes you know what to do.

I like watching/reading reviews before I buy a watch, where can i find those?

Great, you can watch some independent reviews here:


And read some reviews here:


Make sure to come back when you're finished watching/reading. 



I want to buy for my boyfriend but not sure he will like it.

We get it, the unsure nervous feeling you get as you ponder whether he will like it. Luckily, we cater for this type of purchase. Our collection is centered around a neutral designed type of watch, not too small and not too large, the 43mm case diameter is the perfect fit for most males. Another great thing about our watches is that they go with everything. So whether your partner likes to wear suits all day or is more of a casual t-shirt type of guy, our watches will be fitting for him.

The design is one that has the rarity of doubling as an everyday watch but also looking nice enough to be a watch only worn on occasions. 

Make sure you go through our real life shots page to see how the watches look on in real life. Imagine your partner in these settings.

Easy ullet points to tell him:

Industry Leading IP-plating technique to ensure everyday durability

Refined and hardened Mineral Glass to minimise scratches

Stainless Steel Mesh Band for style and added durability over leather straps but not as clunky and error prone as metal straps.

1 year international warranty


 Our recommendation, if you are inkling to go for a safer bet is to go for the Chrono-S2, it ticks all boxes in the fact that most men will own a silver watch. It also doubles up as a special occasion watch or an everyday watch. It also is the most popular colour from our Chronograph collection.  


How long will it last