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What makes Crownarch better than other brands?
A premium brand that's affordable?

Let's show you how

Not all watches are made the same.
Buying right the first time.

Time often exposes poorly made watches & there's many on the market. Excessive scratches, faded cases, "stuck" hands are the most common issues that you discover, months after purchase.

Avoid the mistake of thinking all watches are made the same and you'll save yourself a lot of  disapointment. We only use top-grade materials, combined with advanced anti-corrosion plating technology, which  makes for a rugged timepiece that will last for years to come,

Internationally recognised design that makes you stand out.
Refresh your look with a design that is forward-thinking.

Individuality, style and confidence was the primary focus of traditional watchmaking. Now cookie cutter designs have flooded the market, limiting the choice men have. This sense of indiviuality style has truly been lost.
Our design team set out to make a change. Everything down to the colour combinations, choice of strap, and design intricacies were specifically chosen. To regain that primary focus that had been lost. 

Explore something different.  
The new eye of your collection.

Your new go-to watch, whether paired casual or it's all about looking good in a suit.
Our chrono collection provides all day comfort -  You could forget its there, its that comfortable, that you can easily wear all day. Find your perfect size, as it's fully adjustable to any wrist - all done in a matter of seconds from your home.   


Going beyond the expected.
All in the name of customer satisfaction.

With our Free Worldwide shipping, ordering now will mean the watch will be in your hands in a matter of days.  
Not only that, a Crownarch watch means hand-polished cases, free extended-warranties, top-grade materials, trust-worthy Japanese movements,  30-day anytime returns and much more - all included with every order.

We've developed into a watch brand you can trust and tell your friends about.