Free Worldwide Delivery

Free Worldwide Delivery

About the brand -

Mens watches have got boring. There are plenty of unimaginative minimalist designs that have flooded the market, limiting men to  choose a watch that looks like everyone else's. If men want a beautifully designed watch that embodies superior quality they are having to spend more money than ever before.

Giving customers a better alternative to standard looking watches, is the reason customers love Crownarch. The unique materials and colours combinations used give Crownarch a distinctive design, making our customers stand out from the rest, whilst maintaining an affordable price point.

Today Crownarch has successfully grown into a lifestyle brand that incorporates into the life of the modern day man.

Words from the founder -

“A man should always wear a watch.” The words from my mother to a younger me that kickstarted the passion for watches that remains with me till this day.

Growing up, I struggled to find watches that had three key factors: Exceptional design, true value and superior quality.

Realising this didn’t exist at an affordable price point, I combined my experience and entrepreneurship with a burning desire to develop a watch brand that men from all over the world would be proud to wear, whilst incorporating those three factors.

Michael Oladipo