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Why we started...

Watches aren't simply tools to tell the time, they tell the world what you're about. Knowing this, we didn't want to go with a safe, common-place designed watch that lacks its own identity. We created each watch in the collection for a specific purpose that modern day men can relate too.

Acquiring a Crownarch timepiece is knowing 100's of dedicated man hours, went into developing something truly special.

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What are guys really looking for in a watch?

Our unique approach, allowed us to really take the time to think, what the customer is really looking for in a watch. We narrowed it down to three key things: Exceptional design, superior quality and great value.

Garnering the best talent, the Crownarch team began sourcing the best-quality materials that will give our customers the best value for their money. Hi-quality materials combined with superior craftsmanship resulted in a collection that strikes the perfect balance between design, quality and price.

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