With plenty of watches available online - it can be daunting making sure you pick the right one. 

Pick the wrong one and down the line you could be regretting your decision.

It looked good out the box but 6 months later its full of scratches and doesn't work. We've seen this time and time again.

So how are we better?

Below we've explained:

Micro Gold plating

How we use real micro gold particles to ensure durable plating.

For our rose gold watches we use micro ion plating technology that reduces susceptibility to fading, corrosion and it gives the watch it's beautiful polished finish.

Stainless steel

Why we marine grade stainless steel.

Our signature collection utilises 316L stainless steel. The ultra high premium material known for its industrial grade strength that will last a lifetime.

Japanese Movements

Japanese movements for the reliability

At the heart of every Crownarch watch is a highly reliable Japanese quartz movement. Chosen for their renowned reliability and long-lasting battery life.

Mutiple Colours

Find your style

Choose from an unlimited choice for self-expression within an iconic form. There is guaranteed to be something for you.